• Love's Haunting Me4:43
  • Wings Of My Heart2:42
  • Every Day's A Present3:13
  • I Have Faith4:24
  • No Excuse3:00
  • The Place Where No Love Lies3:20
  • Love Is All There Is3:56
  • My Favorite Thing Of All4:35
  • Pot Of Gold3:19
  • Raging Storm4:07
  • Damaged Man3:27
  • Pray To Save Our World3:12

Recorded at

Chris Gage - Producer
Guitars, Keyboards, Accordion,
Percussion & Vocals
All instrumentation on Raging Storm

Christine Albert
Vocals on Love’s Haunting Me, Wings Of My Heart, Love Is All There Is and Raging Storm

Bruce Logan
Drums except Raging Storm plus Shaker on Love's Haunting Me

Richard Paul Thomas 
Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar,  & Vocals

Steven Bernstein
Sax on Love Is All There Is and No Excuse

Glenn Fukunaga
Electric and Acoustic Bass except Raging Storm


Richard Paul Thomas     254-493-7729        RpT@tbc-group.com          Copyright © Richard Paul Thomas  2017 All rights reserved 

Kristin deWitt
Vocals on Every Day's A Present, No Excuse and The Place Where No Love Lies

Richard Paul Thomas


I met with Chris more than a year or so ago when we discussed the possibility of doing this project together.  Of course, life intervened and we finally got back together many months later in January of 2012.  The first sessions kicked off on February 27th and in short order we finished the drums, bass and work vocal tracks for 9 songs.  Chris began the sweetening process taping into his multi-instrumental virtuosity.  What an incredible beginning! 

Bruce, Glen and Chris are consummate masters and it wasn't long (roughly 13 seconds) before I realized I was definitely the weak link in this process.  Fortunately for me, this CD is all about the songs so I struggled on, hoping to do my best to bring sufficient life to this material.  Adding Christine, Kristin and Steven completed the recipe of incredible performances.  They definitely put the icing on the cake!

Chris worked hard and long to mix this project with exceptional results.  Then both of us enjoyed watching Jerry work his magic as he infused the tracks with his own special brand of energy.

This has been a fun filled journey and I am humbled by the results.  RpT